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E-Warranty Issuance

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A report on the fund of Small Industries Investment guarantee, which was formed by the presence of two assistants of the Minister of Industry, Mine and trade (Fayand Yazdani), the information 14 of the province suggests that the growth rate of investment and the total employment of industrial units were 29% and 102% Has increased.

The President of the Investment Guarantee Fund of small industries said: The composition of the board of Directors of small industries investment guarantee can be a better future year to support small industries in less developed areas and contribute to the slogan of this year’s employment and production in particular in deprived areas.
Dr. Fayaz said: A transparent report of the payment of warranties and good initiatives which have been carried out for trading guarantee was presented in the Assembly of small Industries Investment guarantee Fund to support the production.
Fayhe reiterated: The problems of previous years in the Fund of small industries investment guarantee were resolved and the Assembly members were satisfied with the actions made.
Pointing to the most important qualitative measures of the year 1395 the fund added: The establishment of specialized committees to develop the pillars of decision-making, reviewing and reviewing the statute and regulations of the Fund for proposing necessary reforms to the competent authorities, providing the proposal in the field of excellence for inclusion in the Sixth Development Plan law, the presence of the Fund at the exhibition and the continuation of the provincial trips. Is.
Moghisseh Fund cooperation in financial statements
The manager of a small industry investment guarantee on the financial statements raised in the Forum stated: In the case of investigation of the deprived area files about the type of documentation and facilities of cooperation has been done.
With a reference to the increase in the fund of 96, Moqiseh said in a programme, compared to six months last year: Maybe not until the early first season of the New Year, we will not have the warranty quota, but we will create a new capacity in the next year’s budget.
According to him: Electronic Elecomp the warranty process, which is considered in the exhibition, and all warranties are carried out in its framework that two features can be used in all activities covered by the web, as well as the transparency of all space that administrators easily take all of the files Observe.
Moqiseh stated: Capital Fund 110 billion tomans, and according to the forecast year 96 to the end of the Year 6, we have issued a warranty and need to increase capital.
Small Industries Investment Guarantee fund manager noted: 94 was the first and last time that 25 million dollars in the equivalent of 74 billion Tomans to our capital was added.
He has outlined the plans of the year 1396 Fund and said: The pursuit of increased capital by means of legal capacity, operation of the E-warranty system, optimization of fund validation system using neural network methods, the development of supervision unit after issuing warranty, single engineering and strengthening the organizational structure of the Fund, conducting research project ( Comparative studies) on the activity of the same internal and foreign funds-continued improvement of existing methods and processes, modifying the statute to cover 100% of fund warranties
, The approval of the bylaws to facilitate the improvement of the Commission’s calculation.
Moqiseh expressed the challenges of the Fund to fund capital and insert the name of the fund in the list of removable companies in the general policy of 44.
It should be noted that the issue of fund activity in providing the development of non-governmental investment in small industries, shortening the period of implementation of initiatives and having economic justification with the priority of less developed areas, guaranteeing and facilitating the loan of facilities granting to the initiatives and the effectiveness of solidarity The letter of the fund, according to the data, the growth rate of positive vashtghal of industrial units, indicates that issuing the warranty and obtaining bank facilities in these projects are effective.
The initial capital of the fund has been 500 million rials according to its establishment, and the amount paid from this amount to the end of 95 was 359 billion rials.